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August New Kit - Auckland Necklace

You may have already spotted a teaser for this month's new release on the main image on our website (see above).

The Auckland Necklace is a lovely and *very* limited edition kit (less than 10 of each colour!) inspired by a trip to New Zealand and the wonderful artwork of the Māori.

'Traditional Māori art was highly spiritual and conveyed information about spiritual matters, ancestry, and other culturally important topics. The creation of art was governed by the rules of tapu. Styles varied from region to region and most traditional Māori art was highly stylised and featured motifs such as the spiral, the chevron and the koru.

Sam Clark Kiwi Maori Art

'Kiwi' - Sam Clark

Maori Mask

The Aucklace Necklace design uses three different colours of seed beads, arranged in a zig zag pattern reminiscent of native New Zealand art, with two unusual mirrored ombre effect display beads.

The design is suitable for an intermediate/advanced skill level and it available in a choice of six different colours as shown below.

Auckland Beadwork Necklace Beading Kit

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