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December New Pattern - Grossglockner

The breathtaking twists and turn's of Austria's highest mountain pass, and the stunning flowers that thrive here amongst the snow capped peaks, provided Julia with the perfect inspiration for the Grossglockner Necklace Beading Pattern.


Grossglockner Necklace Beading Pattern


Best know as the highest mountain in Austria, Grossglockner towers over 12,000 ft and is the highest mountain in the east of the Alps and the second highest in the Alps after Mont Blanc.

A favourite with walkers, hikers and motorised alike, the 36 turns of the pass meander through green pastures, flower meadows, rocky stretches and snow and ice and is a truly magical experience.

Alpine flowers


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The necklace is made up of seven star shaped flowers. In the original design we've used contrasting seed beads on the tips of the petals and a pearl in the centre, but you could of course use the same colour/shade and whatever bead you fancy in the centre!  

The Grossglockner necklace is suitable for an intermediate/advanced skill level. As with all our beading tutorials, the pattern comes with step by step instructions and illustrations to help you complete the design.  

Also available to purchase as a complete beading kit, here.

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