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January New Pattern - La Rochelle

The beautiful historic French city of La Rochelle and its stunning Renaissance architecture was the inspiration behind this month's necklace beading pattern tutorial, the La Rochelle Necklace.

La Rochelle Beadwork Necklace Pattern Tutorial

La Rochelle is a beautiful coastal city in southwestern France.  The old town has half-timbered medieval houses and Renaissance architecture, which is reflected in the design of this necklace.

La Rochelle is famous for it's bustling market, the colours of which are mimicked in the kit, available to purchase here.

La Rochelle

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Inspired by the architecture and the vibrant colours of the bustling market, the design features a v-shaped centrepiece with a diamond pattern in the centre, surrounding a faceted bead.

The La Rochelle necklace is suitable for an intermediate skill level. As with all our beading tutorials, the pattern comes with step by step instructions and illustrations to help you complete the design.

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