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November New Pattern - St Maarten

This month's necklace beading pattern, the St Maarten Necklace Pattern, has a tropical twist (perfect to conjure up images of warmer climes if you're feeling like you've had enough of the winter weather!).

The beautiful flowers on the Caribbean island of St Maarten were the inspiration for this beadwork necklace design, which is constructed using round beads and seed beads.


St Maarten Necklace Beadwork Pattern



The Caribbean island of St Maarten was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, first sighted on 11th November, the holy day of St Martin of Tours, naming the island after the saint.

For the next 150 the island was passed between Spain, France and Holland and England and in 1648 was peacefully divided between France and Holland to create the two countries of St Maarten in the south and Saint Martin in the north.

A veritable island paradise, the island is nicknamed 'the friendly island' and is best known for its beaches, rum based cocktails and casinos!

St Maarten Flowers 

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The St Maarten necklace is made up of nine lots of elongated flowers constructed using five round beads with seed bead detailing, linked by a single bead with seed bead surround.

The necklace is suitable for an intermediate/advanced skill level. As with all our beading tutorials, the pattern comes with step by step instructions and illustrations to help you complete the design.  

Also available to purchase as a complete beading kit, here.

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