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Customer Testimonials

"It was so lovely to meet you on Arcadia and thank you so much for all your work and valuable time you take to teach in such a very special and caring way. You are the most wonderful, patient teachers I have ever met, and I've met loads but none like you two! I'm finishing a cardigan to go with my bracelet and then must start beading in earnest!

I'm in touch with Lorraine another friend made through your classes. You do so much for others without even realising it!!"

Lynette Powell

"Hi Julia, just been on Arcadia and attended lots of your craft classes. You meet lots of ladies I know so don't expect you to remember me but I was the lady who had the problem with Isle of Wight and then all of a sudden it just clicked and with your guidance went on to greater things. We're home now and have been showing off all I made on board. My friends think I am very clever but I know I could never have achieved this without the patience of yourself and Frank. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have a new hobby!"

Joyce Russell

"I have just sent for and received the Belize necklace kit. First of all thank you for such a prompt service - ordered one day and delivered the next not often that happens these days! The design of the necklace is lovely and I am enjoying doing it.
You introduced me to beading on the Aurora on the cruise to the caribbean a few years ago and I find it so relaxing and enjoyable so thanks for that too."

Rae Fraser