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Stamp Artistry

Stamp Artistry

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Format: Paperback

Author: Rice Freeman-Zachery

Condition: Used, in excellent condition.

Stamping is among the most popular artistic techniques because its uses are virtually limitless. No matter what medium they work in, artists and decorators alike can use stamping to create one-of-a-kind pieces with simple techniques.

Stamp artistry combines stamps with beadwork, carving, collage, etching, fabric, metalwork, painting, polymer clay, repousse and more.  The book includes projects for everything from stamping in polymer clay, to stamped metal jewellery, from using stamps to create an "aged" look on papers and letters to a stamped artist's journal and from stamped furniture to stamped glass charms.

Covering the gamut of stamp know-how, from basic tools to professional tips to an extensive resource list, this how-to guide should be of use to any artist who wants to incorporate the latest new techniques and trends into their work.

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